The Call to Action and Its Place in Marketing.

What is a Call to Action?

A Call to Action is an integral part of business and marketing. It is what drives consumers to your website, it is what closes sales. It is can be the first form of contact, a suggestion to create curiosity and interest, or the streamline to your sales team so they can work their magic. No matter how they look, or what they are purposed for, your website and company branding is nothing without one.

Whether your Call to Action shows up in every day circumstances, or it’s regulated to an online market, it is a vital first step in getting your customers through the door and in touch with your reliable sources. These can look like a variety of things, across a huge amount of sources.

QR Codes

In a modern mobile world, QR codes are handy, useful ways to drive people directly to your website, download, contact information, etc. So much can be programmed into them to suit your needs, and it takes the public little to no effort at all to use one. You can use QR codes on your business cards, print ads, billboard signs, websites, pretty much anywhere you can fit one. You can have as much or as little explanation attached to its presentation as well. QR codes are a great way to appeal to your audience’s sense of mystery.

Phone Number

Whether this appears as a written piece of hard copy, or as a link on a website, app, or mobile service, it is an easy and immediate contact. This is possible one of the most direct and immediate Calls to Action, as it puts the customer in touch with one of your personnel right away. The sooner you can get a client to talk to a real voice, the sooner you can establish a relationship and get an impression of the client’s needs, or sell them on your product.


Email inquiries, submission forms, anything that directs the customer to reach out to you with questions, concerns, or requests, are also a good way of establishing initial contact. These too can appear on business cards, or come up in conversation, though they are most likely to be applicable on a web based medium. They also provide the benefit of allowing you to respond at your leisure or convenience, so long as said response is timely.


Leaving a website for people to visit and acquire more information is essentially a given at this point in the marketing cycle. Whether it appears in a television, radio, or print ad, or comes in at the end of an email, blog article, or other website, directing people to your website can be an essential first in the actions they take to viewing, reviewing, and hopefully purchasing your product.

Web-Chat Pop-ups

Most online shopping venues provide immediate and prompt customer service via a web-chat pop-up! This is an immediate invitation for conversation. Regardless if a customer uses this application, at least it is a great way to make your people available! Any question your client could have will be answered right then and there as opposed to submitted for a response less prompt.

Sign-up/Download Buttons

Have a newsletter, subscription service, or flyer you’d like to get out there? Having a subscribe now! Sign-up! Or Download! button be present is a good way to grab your audience’s attention. It may also provide easy answers to exactly what they’re looking for.

Anything that encourages your audience to interact with your message or your personnel takes you one step closer to closing your deal. These are only a few of the options available, and as always are subject to change as the media and marketing worlds evolve.

Keep in mind what your Call to Action looks like! Is it present and visible? Does it stand out? Are eyes drawn to it? And is it provided in a way that is easy to understand and utilize? All of these considerations will go a long way in getting your customer on your doorstep to making a sale!

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