But Did It Work?

The Importance of Analytics and Smart Marketing Choices.

Owning a business and marketing are two things that go hand in hand. You can definitely not have the former without some variation of the latter. In a world where there are so any opportunities and places to broadcast your company’s message and motto, it can be hard to determine what is working for you. Promoting your business and message is only half the battle.

Finding out if it worked, and if you are truly reaping the benefits of a good marketing campaign is almost more important than the marketing itself. You wouldn’t ask your clients to spend time and resources on something that you did not feel would work, so why would you make the same kinds of decisions for your marketing ideas?

There are many ways to track what works for your business. Most websites will offer analytic options to monitor what is driving traffic to your site, and where most of it is coming from. There are also options to monitor your most visited sections, and what is getting the most attention.

Many site host platforms, such as WordPress will have a built in analytics system that will provide you with information like your daily amount of views, where in the world those views are origination from, what links on your website they are visiting, and even where on the internet they are visiting from. WordPress is great for a blog or article set up, where you can review analytics in real time, already built into your site.

Not all web hosts provide an option like this. If you likewise don’t have one built into your own site, there are plenty of options available to track as well!

Google Analytics is a free marketing tool offered by Google that will do this for you, if you do not already have an analytics system built in. It is concise, straight forward, and easy to understand. It offers a very base entry level information, and will provide reports in regards to your website’s traffic patterns, that you can use to optimize what you are doing moving forward.

There are also many open software applications available for download that, while not a direct part of your website, will do the job nicely and comprehensively. Open Web Analytics and Piwik are both free to download, can monitor multiple sites, and offer a detailed program deck to navigate through and prioritize what you’d like to pay the most attention to. Bitly is another source, though much simpler in application. It not only shortens website links, but also provides click analytics to see just how useful that link is.

These are just some of the vast, and free to download options available for monitoring this kind of avenue.

If analytics are not quite fitting the bill for the needs of your business, the easiest option is to just ask. Ask your patrons, and your audience, what brought them to you? Do not be afraid to survey your client base to get a better sense of what external marketing strategies are working for you. If they are calling in, it only takes a second to ask “how did you find us?”

Do not throw money and time away on something where you cannot prove its worth. Many marketing and advertising companies will guarantee results, and a lot of them will definitely deliver. But it is important for the security of your company, and for the value of what you are investing in, to follow up and make sure what is working, and more specifically what is working for you.

Marketing is more than throwing yourself out to your audience, but also a huge question of are you reaching your audience? And are you reaching them in a way that is productive and effective for you. Following up on analytics is one of the biggest and most valuable ways to ensure your marketing choices are smart, and valuable to you and your business.

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