Clear and Concise

The Necessity of Being Easy to Understand.

As a business trying to decide on your best marketing campaign, it can be easy to make the mistake of falling into the trap of buzzwords. If you are really passionate about your business, it can be even easier to misstep into the pitfall of over explanation. This is your business after all, your passion project, and nothing about it can be condensed into so few words.

But for your audience, clear and concise precision is what they are looking for the most from you and your marketing campaigns. It is important to have a clear message about your product or service, as well as a transparent delivery of that message to build authenticity and reliability. Stray too far from that, and you may lose your audience due to a lack of attention span, or even a lack of understanding of what exactly it is you are offering.

In journalism of any and all kinds the use of language is important. It is paramount that editors make sure what their company is producing falls to a grade school reading level so it is the most accessible it can possibly be to their viewers. Their stories are often direct and to the point with limited embellishment. This is not saying that you cannot use embellishments in your own campaigns, but it is important to have a care with the placement and timing of them.

It is also imperative to consider that you are often shouting amid a number of businesses doing the same thing you are. And this is where easy comprehension can give you a one up on your competition. A deliberate and clear message is more memorable than one that gets lost in the confusion of its vehicle.

Look at many successful and popular advertisements on the market right now. Look at the tools they use. Some provide a lot of stimulation be it from music or visual effects, but have a clearly placed logo, slogan, or tune that sticks with its customers. Companies like Pepsi have had consistently successful campaigns carried heavily by the recognition of their logo, and the common knowledge that they are a popular beverage company.

Whatever it is that stands out the most about your message, find it in your material, ensure it is easy to understand, and make it the most available thing to your audiences. The simpler you can make this message, the more memorable it will be to your consumers.

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