Doing a Few Things Well

How to Avoid the Pitfall of Spreading Yourself too Thin.

It’s no surprise that planning too much activity in your own personal schedule wears you out, and spreads your resources thin. You would not do this to yourself. So why would you do it in your marketing? It is more important to do a few things well, than many things mediocre. Anything less from your own marketing strategies, and you run the risk of your efforts looking strained and rushed when they could have been well thought out and provocative.

Many people think they need to be seen, everywhere and anywhere. This kind of marketing thins the budget, and diverts the amount of energy and effort you can give each project into a pittance. This does not help your audience see you, and it helps you even less by putting so much effort into so many things, and getting very little return for your efforts. It can be easy to get caught in the pitfall of visibility and over saturating yourself into available spaces. But if what you provide for advertising is drab and forgetful, you do your customers no favours, and yourself an even bigger disservice.

The more you commit to in marketing, the more you spread your budget thin. Whether that budget involves your time, or your finances, it is important to avoid putting a lot of effort into many things, when you could be putting it into making one or two really good things. A striking advertisement in the right location is going to go a long way in garnering an audience, than a lot of ads in every location.

By splitting your resources so many avenues, your message cheapens, and it could paint the wrong image of your company or product. If your marketing and advertisements do not come across well, and look rushed and underfunded, it runs the risk of painting an unprofessional image. Consumers are not going to trust an image that does not boast confidence and competence. It is very important to have a care what kind of message you’re sending.

Deciding where your marketing efforts will go, also makes you think more critically of where your message is going. Of course you want something that’s going to work for you. Putting more effort into individual projects will really make you rethink where you are sending your message to, and what will give you the most impact and do the most work for you!

Saturating your message in all the wrong places, also muddles it as it gets lost in the clutter of too much media. This is your brand! It is important to create its identity and stand by it so it comes across as clearly and as efficiently as possible to your consumers. If that means blog posts, then make sure you are putting good effort into them, so it is always relevant to your main message. If it’s videos, make sure your style and editing is consistent to make them memorable. If it’s a visual design, make it attractive and appealing. Make yourself clear and memorable, in everything you do. The easiest way to do that is to do what you do well.

Specializing your marketing process helps create your identity. It makes your brand, and your character authentic and consistent. Consistency makes you memorable in the grand scope of material for your audience to take in. When you focus and specialize your efforts, it makes you think critically about the best way to make your business stand out.

Remember, your marketing is your first impression on your audience. This is what gets your market to pay attention to you, and invest their own time and attention into your products. Be sure to spend quality time and consideration on the effort you put into your messages!

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