Give A Little, Get A Lot

Maximizing Customer Opportunities Through Company Generosity.

There is a common saying that to give a little is to get a lot, and when it comes to addressing your customers these words couldn’t ring more true. When interacting with your business customers want to feel special. They want to feel like they have your attention and your care. One of the easiest ways to do that is to give a small benefit where it counts.

This small gesture can be as significant or as minimal as you want. In a restaurant setting it can be as easy as providing an appetizer to a table of regulars, or to a table that is so large that they are ordering a lot anyway. Either way the business will, or has already brought in a fair bit of revenue from this particular set up. Doing something as simple as offering up a low cost, free item could ensure, or secure further repeat business. It’s a little effort for a potentially huge and consistent gain.

Other manifestations of this customer engagement could be something like a loyalty program. Whether that means certain memberships can result in affordable discounts, or perhaps a rewards program that could accumulate into a larger benefit for the customer, the potential for repeat business still benefits you and will often cover the loss accrued by a small gesture of generosity.

This doesn’t just have to apply to your client base, however. These kinds of small gestures can also work internally in your company to improve the efficacy and over all spirit of your team. Perhaps there is a competitive incentive, a prize for the best performing team member over a set amount of time. Perhaps it is a discount to your employees, or something equally feel good that encompasses the whole expanse of your company.

Generosity on your part makes both your team and your audience feel valued, even if it is the smallest gesture from you. Something as simple as a gifted cup of coffee can go a long way in not only brightening an individual’s day, but making you memorable and viewed in such a positive light. At the end of it all, it is that feeling of being valued that is going to benefit you in the long term.

Think of any of the places you do your own personal business at. Is there anywhere in particular that makes you feel like a valued customer, as opposed to a singular transaction? Are there businesses that you are fiercely loyal to? And if so, what makes you loyal to them? Opportunities to use generosity to ensure loyalty are all around, and take so many different forms. They can appear in your marketing platforms as well, as an additional incentive to gain new clientele. People always want to feel like they are getting the best deal, and that is where you and your business have a huge opportunity to make an impression. Whether that is made when the customer first contacts you, or if it is the whole reason they approach your business does not change how valuable such an approach is when canvassing new business opportunities.

Making both your customers and your team feel good and valued will make your business valuable to them. Think of all the ways you can be generous and employ them to be kind, memorable, and always be in a positive light to your customers and employees.

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