Hitting The Bullseye

How to Find and Engage Your Target Market.

One of the most important facets of successful marketing, is just who exactly you are marketing to. True, what you have to say, how you say it, and how its presented plays a large role in the success of your marketing campaign. All of that is for moot however, if you do not reach your intended audience for maximum impact.

The first step of this process, is to know who your audience is. Who is best suited to your product? But also, who is most likely to purchase or find use in your product? At the end of the day, money talks, and whoever has the disposable income, regardless of need, is the audience you need to be thinking about the most. This makes advertising your message a unique and completely individualized balance of navigating which audience you need to appeal to, and which you need to finalize the sale with.

Once you’ve identified your audience, it is important then to consider where they put their attention, and what is most likely going to get you the most noticed in a competitive market. There are numerous questions to ask yourself while developing a campaign, that will point you to the audience that will give you the most worthwhile feedback.

What is the appropriate age you are trying to reach? Is there a specific demographic that would benefit the most? Is it more important that parents hear your message? Perhaps it would be better suited to target seniors, or children, or young adults. Is it meant for large families, or for those without? Is it better to target the working professional? Would you be best suited to pursue those on vacation? There are so many questions to ask yourself when considering just who you want to reach the most.

Though navigating who your main audience is may be the hardest part, you still have to make sure your message reaches them! One of the most popular routes, especially in today’s online world, is social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are all big name media giants, which many companies have utilized to show their products, and have done so successfully! The best part? It could cost you and your business little to nothing at all! Sponsored ads often times relate to how much you are willing to spend on them, and can be as easy as setting a daily budget as low as ten dollars.

Social Media can be a beneficiary catch all, but depending on location and budget it’s important not to discount traditional means such as local or general media, and just trying to get your logo and brand seen in your community!

Ideally, if you are selling a specialized product, you already know how to best appeal to your audience, but this is another important element to consider when trying to reach them. Imagery, language, colour schemes, even who represents your company in your first line response to that call to action can all play a role in reaching out to your audience, and keeping them hooked and interested to your brand and identity.

Upon achieving your audience, and your sale with your audience, it’s important to never forget them! Give them a forum with which to talk to you, and each other. Let them review your products, and most importantly, encourage and promote word of mouth advertising, whether that be through contests, discounts, or even associated brand wear. Once you find your audience, the better you are to them, the more likely they are to continue telling others like them about your products and services.

Knowing your target audience and how to reach them can very easily be a make it or break it factor in running and marketing your business. Make sure to give a lot of thought to who your audience is, how to reach them, how to keep them engaged, and how to turn their loyalty into more business for you!

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