Being Clear, Simple, and Concise

When talking about your product or brand, it is easy to get lost in the clutter of how neat, unique, and cool your service is. It is also easy to get carried away with enticing and attractive visuals that take away from the original point and image you are trying to compose.

Offering too much information or stimulation is a surefire way to lose your audience, either due to boredom or disinterest. This is why it is important to be direct, concise, and to the point when sharing your product or brand. Whether you are using words or visuals to convey this remember the golden rule of: less is more.

Keeping your platforms simple and easy to understand will go a long way in making your business accessible to your target audience. If it saves both you and your clients time, then you can only be heading in the right direction from there!

When creating content or a message, here are some things to keep in mind, so as not to overwhelm those you are trying to reach:


Keep your language simple and at a grade school reading level. The less “big words” you use, the more accessible your message is and the easier it is to remain direct and honest with your audience. This goes for any piece of writing, or dialogue you include in your content.

If you are trying to appeal to a more niche or targeted market, think about the terms you are using to appear relatable to them. Otherwise, the bigger likelihood you have of someone needing to research a word in the information you provide, the larger risk you run of turning away their interest.


Pictures and other visual tools are a great way to break up text. It is also a great way to draw attention. When adding visuals to your presentation, site, or whatever medium you choose, it is important to consider what value the photo adds to the message, and what your audience will perceive upon seeing it.

Placement is also vital to the presentation of your message. Does it draw attention to a specific point you are trying to make, or something you need your audience to pay attention to? Try and put as much purpose in your visuals as possible, and if you can use them to illustrate the point of your content, all the better!

Clean Layouts

It is important to never underestimate the value of an attractive layout. Have too much going on, and you run the risk of the message becoming lost or too confusing to navigate which could result in a loss of interest. Think about where you want to draw attention to. The less clutter in your layouts, the easier it is to direct that attention.

When creating and designing content it is so easy to get wrapped up in the mistake of trying to use all the space available. This could be because of a want to convey as much information as possible. Unless there is a specific need for thorough information or visuals, try to resist the urge to overwhelm your audience with information they do not need.


The point of your site, advertisement, message, or whatever platform you choose is to draw attention and business. The quicker you can streamline your audience to contact you, all the better. Be sure to take note of how clear your call to action is, and whether or not it gets lost in your message. It can be a little counter-productive to have your audience miss the most important part of what they are supposed to see.

These are just a few areas to keep in mind when thinking about your message and what you present to your audience. Everything you deliver should be carefully considered, for its optimum target audience impact.

The big point is to not create more questions, and to drive the existing questions to you. The best way to do that is to just Keep It Simple, Silly.

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