Learning And When It Stops

How to Make Every Opportunity a Learning Opportunity

As the old adage goes: you stop learning when you are dead. In marketing and in business it is important to never stop learning, especially with the constantly changing environment we live in. Marketing has evolved so much, and continues to do so. Refusing to keep up is a sure fire way to see to your business’ demise.

Every interaction and every choice you make for your business is a chance to learn and progress. This includes learning what does and does not work for you and can lead into evaluating better risk management for your company.

Learning opportunities are abundant and can be as obvious as knowing what platform is going to best reach your audience. When using something new and exciting it is important to make sure the right tools are in place for your company to learn from it. The easiest way to do this is to monitor client feedback. When trying out new marketing and advertising avenues it can be as simple as asking your clients what drove them to approach you. If you don’t feel like bogging clients down with these types of questions there are other less direct options. Many website platforms provide tracking tools that monitor information such as what pages are being most visited, and links being most clicked. Other more specific add ons can be used to track people’s mouse movements to see what they are looking at the most on the website.

You cannot learn anything without some kind of method to gather information. If you do want direct feedback from your customers, there are other options such as requesting surveys or reviews to find out what clients liked best about your business. You can then use this more detailed and inputted feedback to find where to improve.

Opportunities are everywhere, from how to best use and utilize your media available, to how to improve customer service interaction to secure patronage, and keep your audience happy in the process.

You can also learn from the businesses around you! Not everything has to be cut throat, and most people are more than happy to share their experiences, especially when it comes to small businesses or start ups. Reach out to other entrepreneurs and companies, find networks that you can turn to when you run into trouble. Everything and anything is a resource and opportunity, one must simply have the wherewithal to grasp it. These networks are everywhere and so accessible. LinkedIn, Biznik, PartnerUp are just some of the few outlets for businesses and those in them to resource build and learn from one another.

Many of these outlets offer courses and training to help you avoid making common mistakes in what you are trying to accomplish. Learning from your own experiences and methods is valuable, but being able to reach out to others to find out what worked and didn’t work for them is unparalleled. It also opens the door to build working relationships with other businesses and companies so you can all continue to learn from one another.

Success for anyone is not a singular and isolated mission. The more you can network, reach out, get feedback, and build your repertoire of resources and experience, the more you are setting your business and yourself up for success. Once you start seeing these opportunities to learn in your professional life you might even see some improvements in your personal life. The good, the bad, and even the average are all great opportunities to grow and build your company, your message, and yourself.

Never let a day go by where you don’t learn something new. Always hunt for new opportunities. And remember, when you stop learning or being willing to learn you are sure to suffer for it.

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