Selling What You Love

Being Your Own Testimonial and Selling What You Believe In.

It would be impossible to expect you to buy something that you did not believe in. So how could you expect yourself or your staff to sell something they feel the same about? One of the very first and vital steps to attracting business and closing a deal, is to know your product and what you are selling, and having faith in its efficiency and value.

The only way to know the true impact, worth, and use of your product is education. Know the ins and outs of your products and be ready for any question. Your knowledge in what you are selling is half the battle in actually selling it. The more you or your employees know about it, the larger your faith in its function appears.

Being ready with information not only increases confidence in a product, but increases confidence in your business as well. It shows that not only do you know the function of what you are selling, but you are reliable and will offer exemplary service as well. Many customers will engage in repeat business based on the service they receive, above and beyond the functionality of a product or the results it can provide.

Even as an aside, and completely unrelated to what your product or service guarantees, your faith, and your love in it is a huge selling point! It is so much easier to sell something you yourself believe in and endorse. It makes your answers, and your information genuine, and gives your company and image integrity.

Loving and knowing your own product is its own testimonial. Yes, it is valuable to have customer feedback, but having solid faith in what you are selling is just as irreplaceable. Do not undermine or underestimate your own experience or opinions when approaching your marketing. Build a passion for what you do, and put that passion forward! When your audience sees how much you believe in what you are providing, it only continues to build a confidence and rapport in on itself.

This works in many world experiences. Think of the last time you went out for food and asked for the best wine pairing, or for a server’s recommendation on the menu. A good server will respond enthusiastically and honestly with what they like best because they’ve tried the menu. If it is not something to their specific tastes, they will at least have enough reliable feed back to help you in your own decision.

When selling your product, it is important to think like that good server. Be knowledgeable and excited about your product, services, and company. The attitude you and your employees bring to branding your business is invaluable, and sets an important first impression for all current and future dealings with your clients.

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