Word of Mouth

The Power of Testimonials.

Finding a reliable and decent client base can be a little difficult, especially in today’s markets which can be so saturated. How do you stand out in such a crowded marketplace? Especially if there is a lot of competition for your specific product.

It’s true, advertising is what gets you noticed. Being visible and accessible is how you make your first impression. But what is it you have to do in order to get selected by your customers, and not just noticed? There are many ways to do this, but it is important to never underestimate the power of your quality customer service, and word of mouth testimonials.

Sometimes your biggest, and most cost effective ways to advertise, are through establishing loyal client bases. There is a modern musical number, [title of show] that states something along the lines of it is better to be “nine people’s favourite thing, than a hundred people’s ninth favourite thing.” Now, Broadway musical productions are on a different level than commercial business, but the lesson still stands. Loyal and good business does not come from the volume of people that seek out your products or services, but the amount of people who come back to your business.

There isn’t a lot in advertising that is more powerful than a recommendation. Recommendations come from trusted friends, or associates with relevant experience to give good advice.

Think about the last time your vehicle broke down, or you needed some plumbing done, or any kind of consulting. Yes, you could easily search and canvas the market for ideal services, but there is also a lot of value placed on reviews. Not to mention if a recommendation comes from a source close to you, that you trust, you are likely to go with that option simply because someone whose opinion you value, recommended it.

This can apply to your business as well! Your customers could become that person for someone else, and if so, that is great for you! Even the smallest of transactions can go a long way in establishing a great reputation for you, and being the first recommendation that comes to mind for your clientele. The way to do that is to treat every interaction as the valuable exchange that it is. There is so much importance in recognizing which of your customers will become loyal and repeat consumers, and making your exchanges with them feel pleasant, engaging, and memorable.

If you make your customer valuable, they will in turn think highly of your business, and thus pass on recommendations and testimonials to their own circles of friends and potential future clients for you. With this kind of mindset, no task is too small, no client ever insignificant, and when they feel important, they will make your business important to them.

Never doubt the power of testimonials, as word of mouth can sometimes get around faster, and more efficiently than all the advertising gimmicks in the world. This makes you reliable and boosts your integrity, as much as it will likely boost the number of the audience you engage with.

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